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Sustainability: Simple Steps

This guide will help you locate sustainability resources such as websites, articles and books.

12 Simple Steps to Lower Your Environmental Impact

At work … at home … anywhere!

  1. Turn off lights and use natural light.
  2. Only print or make copies when necessary. Always make copies double-sided.
  3. Enable sleep settings on monitors and computers and turn off copiers, computers, printers, fax machines, etc. when not in use.
  4. Recycle cell phones and printer cartridges.
  5. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.
  6. Install weather stripping around all doors and windows.
  7. Install low flow plumbing fixtures and turn off water when washing hands, brushing teeth and washing dishes.
  8. Adjust your thermostat. Set thermostats to 68° or below in winter and 75° or above in summer. Lower the thermostat on water heaters to 120° or less.
  9. Use green cleaning products.
  10. Use reusable bags.
  11. Drive efficiently – make sure tires are properly inflated; when driving less than 45 mph open the windows instead of using air conditioning; and no idling!

For more green tips and resources, check out Stark State College's "Going Green! Tips" at

What can YOU do?

What's your favorite "green" action?

What can YOU do?
Use only reusable bags: 4 votes (66.67%)
Recycle everything, everywhere!: 1 votes (16.67%)
Turn off the lights (all the time): 0 votes (0%)
Carpool!: 0 votes (0%)
Print less... (never???): 1 votes (16.67%)
Total Votes: 6