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Sustainability: RecycleMania 2013

This guide will help you locate sustainability resources such as websites, articles and books.

InterOffice Competition

The SSC InterOffice Competition!

Who?  All full-time and part-time faculty and staff

When?  February 4 – March 29 (8 weeks)

Where?  Office Area vs. Office Area. (see teams below)

What do I do?  Maximize recycling efforts! 

Prizes:  Pride of course!  And, a cool reward from the Sustainability Task Force

Questions?  Ask your area recycling coordinator or Maureen Wise at

Interoffice RecycleMania Competition Rules
Unannounced waste audits will be conducted by the Sustainability Task Force between February 5 and March 29 to determine recycling and waste rates. 
Categories will line up with those used for RecycleMania's college vs college competitions and include:
  • Grand Championweight of recyclables divided by weight of trash plus recyclables 
  • Per Capita Classic: weight of recyclables divided by the number of staff on your team
  • Waste Minimization: weight of recyclables plus trash divided by number of staff on team
  • and... ?!?!!! 
Audits will be repeated in April and October to demonstrate long term changes in habits. 
Remember that your waste and recycling are also counted in the campus's overall waste that will be submitted for the larger RecycleMania competition. If you would bring in materials to be recycled from home, please deposit all materials in the recycling dumpsters located outside - the easiest drop location is near the maintenance offices on the north side of campus (near the Faculty/ Staff parking on Mega Street).

InterOffice Competition Teams

InterOffice Competition Teams

  • EI/ET in B215 - “Team B215”

  • Science Wing and Dental, Health offices - H building 1st and 2nd Floor – “Team H1&2”

  • Public / Student Services 1st and 2nd Floor – “Team G1/ S 1&2” 

  • Business Building East 2nd Floor / Business Building West/ IT Computer Services Help Desk/ Physical Plant (some in G) – “Team B and Physical Plant” 

  • Timken Building – “Team C”

  • Health and Sciences/ North Academic – “Team J & K” 

  • Arts and Sciences – E Building - “Team E” 

  • Student Services 3rd Floor – “Team S 3” 


  • Business and Entrepreneurial Building – “Team M” 

  • Offsite locations including Whipple Automotive, Hoover and ATC - “Team Offsite”

How did we do?

SSC came in 16th place in the Grand Champion division with a 67% recycling rate. The College's total waste (recycling and trash) was reduced from 47 pounds per capita in 2012 to 34 pounds in 2013. Although the College’s recycling rate for the Grand Champion category was higher at 68% in 2012 (taking 10th place in this category that year), SSC had an overall 26% reduction in waste comparatively. 

Thank You! to everyone for participating! Please keep recycling both on campus and at home. Remember that recycling just one soda can saves enough energy to run a television for two hours (according to

Schedule of Events

National RecycleMania Competition

Dates:  Feb 4 - March 30

Facebook Trivia Contest

Dates:  Feb 4 - March 30

Description:  A daily Facebook trivia contest promoting waste prevention and recycling. The person who posts the correct answer first wins the daily contest. Prizes have been donated from the SSC Sustainability Task Force and local merchants. For more information, please contact Kristie Siders at

Plastic: a Part of Our Everyday Lives… a visual installation

Dates:  Feb 4 – March 30

Description:  Installations throughout the Main Campus. 

InterOffice Recycling Competition

Who?  Office Area vs. Office Area

When?  Feb. 4 – March 8

Questions?  Maureen Wise at 

RecycleMania Mascots Descend on Stark State

Dates:  Feb 18 - 22

Description:  Get caught by a mascot being “Green” and win a prize!

Cereal Box Notebook Sale

Sale Dates: March 4-8 in the Cafeteria, Atrium and C Building Lobby

Cost:  $2.00 at the table, $2.50 in the College Store

Description:  Flattened cereal boxes and paper that has been thrown into the recycling bins unite to create cool reused paper notebooks.

RecycleMania Scavenger Hunt

Dates:  March 18 - 22

Description:  Collect fast facts from the mascots.  Turn in your answers to B215 to be entered into a drawing for local gift certificates. 

Green Sale in the College Store

Dates:  March 18 – 29.

Description:  Environmentally Preferred and Green Products will be featured and 20% off in the College Store.  Free reusable bags available in the College Store with any purchase while supplies last.

More Campus Recycling information available under the Waste Management tab!

InterOffice Competition Results

Team S/G 1&2 won the Grand Champion

Team J&K won Recycling Per Capita

Team H won Waste Minimization



What Is RecycleMania?

RecycleMania is a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for college and university recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities to their campus communities. Over a 10-week period, schools report recycling and trash data which are then ranked according to who collects the largest amount of recyclables per capita, the largest amount of total recyclables, the least amount of trash per capita, or have the highest recycling rate. With each week’s reports and rankings, participating schools watch how their results fluctuate against other schools and use this to rally their campus communities to reduce and recycle more.

What Can I Do To Help Compete?
During the RecycleMania competition, keep doing as you normally do by recycling as much as possible! Check back on our website at or the SSC Sustainability Facebook page to see how we are doing.

Learn more at

RecycleMania Planning Team

Thank you! to everyone who helped with the competition, both for the InterOffice Competition and the national competition: Stefanie Smith, Kristie Siders, John Smith, Val Mayle and her staff, Lacey Widder, Cheri Barth, Dylan Curtis, Sara Weaver, Suzanne Wiles, Kathy Feichter and the Recycling Coordinators.  Thank you to those who put together our “art installations,” both our bag covered chairs and our bottle art.  Also thanks to the LGBTS Global and Student Government for putting together our cereal box notebooks.