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Sustainability: Green Office Program

This guide will help you locate sustainability resources such as websites, articles and books.

Participating Departments/ Groups


Help Desk

Digital Library

Level One:


Dental Health 

President's Office

Marketing Department

Level Two:

Main Campus Writing Center

Massage Clinic

Level Three:

Downtown Writing Center

Liberal Arts Department

Physical Plant


None to date

What is GrOP?

The Green Office Program (GrOP) is a program that demonstrates Stark State's commitment to sustainability. Individual departments (divisions, groups etc) are invited to participate voluntarily to green their office areas as a team.  An excel worksheet is provided with a list of sustainability actions, habits and practices with points assigned to each. Groups works together to decide which items they will implement and turn in their worksheet to a GrOP contact for certification. Incentives are awarded upon completion of each level. Working together, we can make a big impact on the environment! 

Green Ideas for Your Office

>Use EcoFont! >Recycle toner and batteries >Buy local when possible
>Always print two sided >Keep a recycling bin next to every trash bin >Offer reusable mugs and cups
>Close blinds at night and weekends >Hold paperless meetings >Turn off lights when not in the office


ARRGAvoid consumption Reuse and then Recycle for a Greener Office!

Green Office Programs in Other Colleges


To get your department involved, contact: Maureen Wise or Stefanie Smith