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Sustainability: Green Building

This guide will help you locate sustainability resources such as websites, articles and books.


"In the 21st century, I think the heroes will be the people who will improve the quality of life, fight poverty and introduce more sustainability."

- Bertrand Piccard

Green Business News

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According to the U.S. Green Building Council, in the United States buildings account for:

65% of electricity consumption,

36% of energy use,

30% of greenhouse gas emissions,

30% of raw materials use,

30% of waste output and

12% of potable water consumption.   

Common LEED Strategies on Campus

  • Water efficient landscaping
  • Bicycle storage & changing rooms
  • Preferred parking for low emission & fuel efficient vehicles
  • Light pollution control
  • Efficient water fixtures
  • 30% average reduction for annual energy use
  • Energy efficient lighting with control systems
  • Enhanced refrigerant management
  • Enhanced commissioning
  • Regional, recycled content, and low-emitting materials
  • Diversion of construction waste
  • Air quality management during construction and before occupancy
  • Indoor chemical & pollutant control
  • High lighting and thermal comfort control
  • Green cleaning policies

Becoming a LEED Green Associate or LEED AP

Wondering how to become a certified LEED Green Associate or LEED AP? 

Take a look at the following presentation that was offered to the Stark State College community on October 27th, 2010.


  • Adjust your thermostat.
  • Unplug your TV when it’s not in use.
  • Double-side your copies.
  • No more paper checks.
  • Use the microwave instead of an oven.  
  • Take a shorter shower.