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Sustainability: Student Groups

This guide will help you locate sustainability resources such as websites, articles and books.

Sustainability for Student Groups

Need ideas for an event or activity?  Ask the Sustainability Task Force for ideas!  Here are a few that were presented at the last ICC meeting: 

  • String plastic grocery bags across campus to highlight a "Bring Your Own Bag" campaign
  • Plant a plastic bottle graveyard in the courtyard to show how many plastic bottles are tossed out on campus every day
  • Host a zero waste event
  • Plant a tree
  • Sponsor a community speaker on sustainability topics related to your club's interest
  • Create "sustainable art work" for display during Earth Week
  • Adopt a day or a week to raise awareness on campus recycling during the month of February (check out for ideas)
  • Organize a community service day related to sustainability (environment, social equity and economy)
  • Campaign for a cause - see, powershift, sierra club, energy action coalition, etc...
  • Etc!!!

Don't forget, you can also make your event "greener" by reducing paper use, reusing materials, offering sustainable food options, avoiding products and foods with excess packaging, buying products that can be reused and contain recycled or renewable materials, etc!  For more ideas, check out our new Sustainability Best Practices Guide below.

Environmental Club

The Environmental  Club's mission is to promote environmental education, awareness, and appreciation, and to implement, educate, and assist in any programs of recycling, reducing and reusing on the Stark State College campus and within the community.

Faculty Advisor:  Scott Williams, Coordinator - Environmental Health and Safety, Email: