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Web Tools: The More Things Change...: Glogster

Nothing says “Constant Change, Constant Opportunity” like web tools.

Glogster EDU

glogster edu



Glogster EDU: Single Free

"Glogster EDU Premium is a collaborative online learning platform for teachers and students to express their creativity, knowledge, ideas and skills in the classroom."

"Because we want to make our Glog creation tool available to everyone, EDU Single Free is completely free of charge! Single Free users can create private Glogs only."

Glogster EDU recently changed it's educator licensing options; the free version is single Glog (user) with limited features. It is possible to create and embed for free, but collaborative projects with Glogster EDU are now part of their subscription service.


Examples of Glogster EDU projects embedded in AU LibGuides:

Glogster  and Glogster EDU in Academic Libraries:

Consider using Glogster EDU for:

  • Interactive & simple infographics
  • Creating visual library tutorials
  • Illustrate the research process

Interested? There are 495 Glogs tagged "Library" in Glogster EDU.

This example? Direct link to the presentation Glog: Web Tools.

Working with Glogster