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Web Tools: The More Things Change...: Welcome!

Nothing says “Constant Change, Constant Opportunity” like web tools.

ALAO 37th Annual Conference

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Academic Library Association of Ohio
37th Annual Conference

Toledo, Ohio
November 4, 2011

Spotlight Session 3
Web Tools:  The More Things Change

Sara Klink  

Diane Schrecker

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Program Description: About Our Session


Nothing says “Constant Change, Constant Opportunity” like web tools. New resources are available with stunning regularity; many are educational and rife with potential to enrich student learning. Non-traditional library web resources are often integrated as viable tools for reference, instruction, and collaboration.

This session will feature an overview of several of our favorite tools and how we use them. Try something different! These tools are simple to use, available on and off the cloud, and easily adapted for LibGuides, Campus Guides, Library blogs, and more.


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