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Web Tools: The More Things Change...: Symbaloo

Nothing says “Constant Change, Constant Opportunity” like web tools.

Working with Symbaloo EDU

symbaloo edu

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Personal learning environments, PLE's, from Symbaloo EDU.
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The Symbaloo web mix embedded here features technology and resources used in today's Web Tools session.

  • Click on the Symbaloo video tile for a product overview.
  • Click on Symbaloo EDCI 505 to view a course example in LibGuides.

Working with the Symbaloo web mix:

  • Use the Symbaloo web mix directly from the presentation - OR
  • Click  "View on Symbaloo" to view outside the LibGuide - THEN
  • Option to "Start Using This Web Mix" add it to your collection. 
  • Updates remain viewable unless you option to stop them.

Consider using Symbaloo to:

  • Compiling RSS feeds for group use
  • Develop topical search links
  • Instruction resources, open web mix for students to use and expand

Symbaloo Webmix: Session Resources