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Stark State College Library: About the SSC Library

Where is the Library?

The Digital Library is located in B123.

Library Misconceptions

The SSC Digital Library is a unique library, some might even say cutting edge.  However, when students first come into the library or hear about the library they often have some questions or even misconceptions. 

What are some of your ideas about the library? 

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Library Misconceptions
The library is just a standard computer lab.: 37 votes (28.03%)
Everyone that sits at the library front desk is a librarian.: 17 votes (12.88%)
I can't get a book.: 35 votes (26.52%)
We aren't allowed to talk or work in groups in the library.: 25 votes (18.94%)
Librarians are always mean.: 18 votes (13.64%)
Total Votes: 132

Welcome to the Stark State Digital Library!

Stark State Digital Library

 Welcome to the Digital Library at Stark State College!  The Stark State Digital Library is a collection of electronic information, resources, links and services available to help faculty, staff and students succeed at Stark State College. 

The Stark State Digital Library mission is to provide quality resources and professional library information services in support of the research, teaching, and learning needs of the Stark State College community.  The Library is committed to promoting and reinforcing information literacy and critical thinking skills as a foundation for college, career and community success.

Library Use Guidelines

picture of Stark State Digital Library


Please keep the following guidelines in mind when using the Digital Library.

  • The Digital Library is for academic use only.
  • Please restrict all computer activity to class work or official Stark State business.
  • Please set your cell phone on silent.  Take all cell phone conversations to the nearest stairwell.
  • "Leisure Computing" in Facebook, YouTube, and other entertainment sites is strongly discouraged.
  • Printing: The library is for research assistance and workspace.  If you have large documents to print such as class notes or PowerPoint slides please use an Open Computer Lab.  (nearest lab is located in B214) 


Library Staff

Marcia Addison, MLIS
Library Director


mobile phone icon330-494-6170 Ext. 5525


Sara Klink, MLIS
Assistant Library Director


mobile phone icon330-494-6170 Ext. 5449