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How Do I Develop a Successful Topic?: Lesson

Topic Databases

SSC Digital Library Newspapers and Current events screen shot

Current news and events can be a good place to look for a research topic.  Watching the world news or reading the local newspapers will give you a handle on what's going on. 

Visit our Newspapers and Current Events guide to check out our databases and resources. 


Step by Step

Number One: Start with a broad topic. Number Two: Narrow and focus your topic by doing some research. Number Three: Formulate a research statement or question. Number Four: Break out the keywords or search terms for your research statement/question. And Finally Number Five: Identify synonyms or alternative keywords that you can search.

Don't Forget

Forming a Topic


Watch this short video to better understand how to select and narrow a topic.


2  Watch this video to learn about building a search using keywords.

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