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Upward Bound: Alternative Energy & Fuel Cells

This guide is designed specifically for students in the Upward Bound program.

Getting Started

Fuel cell

For your research assignment on solid oxide fuel cells you will want to use a variety of sources to find credible information. 

Time to get started!


Use books to find general background on fuel cell research. 

Click on the link to the E-Book catalog and search by typing in the keywords you want to research.

Pile of books


Go to Google Home

Another good place to look for general information is the Internet.


One way to effectively search the Internet is to use Google Advanced Search.  Visit next to the search box click on Advanced Search.  Type in your search terms in the top box.  In the very bottom box type in the domain you want. 

The domain name is an indicator of the sponsoring organization of a particular website

.gov Government: The purpose is generally to inform, to post public documents, and to present research findings or statistics.

.edu Education: The purpose is typically to teach, inform, or present research.

(Note: Remember that as students and faculty we are all given web space to publish any information we choose! Be mindful of .edu)

.org Organization: The purpose may be to inform or present research, but it is frequently to sway opinion or recruit support.

.com Commercial: The purpose is usually to sell or promote a company, product or service

Ex: .gov, .edu for the most credible websites.

Research Articles

Use the research databases listed below to find detailed research.  Example keywords: SOFC, solid oxide fuel cell, ceramicmaterials, lumina, processing, porosity, firing in kiln, alternative energy, clean power, alternative fuel.

Finding Images

To find images use the link below to Google Images.  You can type in your search terms in the box provided.