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General: General

This guide will help you locate resources, such as websites, articles and books for research topics.

Research Databases Access

Research Databases

To find scholarly journal articles or popular magazine articles use these databases.

          Getting Started

General information

Use this resource guide as a starting point for locating and using good, quality information on a variety of subjects.  You will find a list of librarian reviewed websites, links to research databases and additional information relating to this subject.

If you have any questions please contact a librarian! 

Your Stark State Librarians are available via IM, phone or email.     



    Web Resources

This is a list of websites that have been selected and reviewed by librarians.

  Scholarly or Not?

Scholarly or Popular

Are you looking for scholarly sources? Click here to learn more!

Quick Tipslink to quick tips 



    How to Evaluate Websites

Website Evaluation

Click on the link below.  Use the checklist to make sure the website you are looking at is quality information.

Quick Tips for Evaluating Websites Link to quick tips for evaluating websites