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Faculty Resources: How to Bring the Library to Your Students

This page was created specifically for faculty. Use this guide to find tips for creating effective library assignments, book your library instruction classes and find links to useful library resources.


Welcome!  As educational technology moves forward it is supposed to get easier to connect students to the rich, scholarly digital material from libraries.  However, that is often not the case.  Links aren't stable - or they don't work off campus.  Students don't want to type in the urls from a printed paper syllabi or be bothered to leave their online course.    

The tools provided on this page aims to close the gap between the students and library resources by giving you, the faculty, the tools and tricks to embed, link and post the academic content you want your students using. 

For questions or to suggest a new tool please contact your Digital Librarians!

Research Basics Lessons

Feel free to view the library's Research Basics Lessons.  You can even copy and paste the link to share with your students!  

(Note:  These lessons are currently required for students taking ENG 124 so keep the overlap in mind.)

Learn More About Widgets and Persistent Links

Learn more about widgets and persistent links.  Feel free to use the samples provided or contact Sara Klink,  Ext: 5449  for a customized widget for your students!