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Quick Tips for Database Searching: Digital Library

Learn a few tips and tricks for making the most of your time while researching in the databases.

Tips and Tricks!

Use these Tips for Most Databases.  To Begin Your Search:

  • Look at your topic and pull out the keywords.
  • Don’t type phrases! Keep it simple.  Type each keyword in a separate box.
  •  If you aren’t finding anything keep trying. Think of other words or terms to use.  Look at the additional subject terms the database shows you on the left sidebar called Subject Thesaurus Terms.  For example: Vegetarian Diet OR Vegetarianism OR Plant Based Diet these are all search terms that mean the same thing but may show you different results.
  • Use the limiting options.  For EBSCO Databases we recommend limiting to Full Text or EBSCO Full Text when off-campus and be sure to use the Scholarly or Peer Reviewed option when appropriate.  
  • Don't forget to email a copy of your article along with its citation.  (For EBSCO Databases) Click on the title of the article.  To view the formatted citation, click on the Cite icon on the right side. To Email click on the envelope icon on the right side.