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Library Lesson: Getting Started with Research

What You Will Learn


Image: I need help getting started with my research.

By the end of this lesson you will be able to:

  • Apply a basic process to your library research
  • Identify ways to get help from the librarians

Check audio on your computer or have headphones ready.

Quick Tip!

Current news and events can be a good place to look for a research topic. Watching the world news or reading local newspapers will give you a handle on what's going on and help generate topic ideas!

Visit our Newspapers and Current Events guide to search in our newspaper database.

Click on Databases by Subject > Newspapers and Current Events.

Step by Step Approach to Library Research

Watch this short video to learn more about library research.

Quick Tip!

Quick Tip When working on a research topic keep the following in mind:
  • Make sure the topic meets the requirements of the assignment
  • Look at current trends or issues within the subject area you are focusing on
  • Schedule a research appointment with a librarian or contact them using the chat if you need additional help