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Stark State NEOMED-HPAC Resource Guide: Lessons


The lessons below will teach you how to evaluate website information and set up a quick and simple database search.  

Link to Is this Website Trustworthy?  

We all love the Internet.  It is accessible, convenient and fast.  Though the Internet provides a lot of information on almost anything you can think of, it may not be quite so easy to verify and evaluate that information.  If you are going to use the Internet as your main source for information, beware!  Remember, anyone can publish information on the Internet.  


Link to Quick Tips for Database searching

Research databases are important to use when looking for scholarly or peer reviewed articles.  It is often hard to find this type of article, for free, just searching the Internet.  In addition to scholarly articles, you will find other credible newspaper, magazine, law reviews and reports.

If you want to search from off campus you will be asked to sign in with your SSC username and password.

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