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Instruction: Session Information

Tips for Constructing Library and Student-Friendly Research Assignments

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-Point of Need.  Library research assignments and library instruction sessions should occur at the appropriate time.

-Ask yourself, can I complete this assignment?

-Terminology.  Clearly define what you are looking for.

-Double check library resources and access points.

-Consider planning your library session or research assignment with a librarian.

-Always share your assignment with the librarian and students before coming to your library session.

-Establish learning goals.  

-Remind your students that research takes time.

-"I share because I care." Use the friendly feedback provided by your librarian.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions or for information on library instruction. 

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Library Instruction

In addition to working one on one with students, faculty and staff, your Stark State librarians also provide library instruction sessions to small groups, classes or program orientations.  If your class is online or off-campus don't rule us out.  We can provide a variety of options for you and your class! 

Library instruction can be tailored to meet your objectives for a particular course or assignment.  A general library orientation which includes finding books and articles, discussing what scholarly research is and providing students with the tools to evaluate information is also available.   

Please allow at least 2 weeks’ notice to allow us time to prepare for the class. To request an instruction session click "Book a Library Sessionor contact a librarian. 

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When scheduling a library session please keep these guidelines in mind.  The librarians will do their best to accommodate each request they receive.

Tips for Creating Effective Library Assignments

These tips, developed by academic institutions will assist in designing research assignments that can be supported by available library resources.  It is important that students understand, not only how to find information but what type of information is appropriate.

Contact the library if you would like suggestions for creating effective library-based assignments for your class: