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Education Resources: What is Credible?

Credible Sources

Sometimes you need credible sources but not necessarily scholarly sources.  You're probably, what's the difference?  In most ways they are the same.  Scholarly sources are always considered credible sources but not all credible sources are scholarly.  Credible sources can relate to any type of source, websites, books, interviews, film or articles.  In order to determine if a source is credible you need to pay special attention to the details.  You need to evaluate the source very carefully. 

 Apply the criteria listed below.  You should be able to answer each of the 6 questions.  Review your answers and decide if the information presented is credible.

Is This Credible?

It can be challenging to evaluate some pieces of information.  Especially when you can't easily find things like an author or where the author got their facts.   This is often the case with websites.  If you are planning to use websites as credible sources it is especially important to evaluate the credibility those sites. 

Click on each of the links below and evaluate the sites using the questions above.  Then answer the review questions.