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Make Learning Active! Help Your Students Stay Motivated Using Web 2.0: Tips to Get Started

Session attendees will learn how to use free online tools to create simple and fun active learning activities perfect for any classroom.

Bringing Active Learning into Your Lessons

The addition of web 2.0 tools in your lessons might have your feeling intimidated and unsure. 

Here are some tips: 

  • Start slow-You may actually be using some of these tools already!  Try to incorporate them even more.
  • Provide non-threatening opportunities for everyone to participate - Remember your students will probably be new to these tools as well.
  • Expect participation - Make sure you actually have your students use the tools then ask questions. Get feedback from your students about how they like or don't like using these tools.  Think of ways you can tweak them for next time.  
  • Use tools that you are comfortable with -Some web 2.0 tools allow you to create the content "behind the scenes".  Others like using Twitter during class are much more involved.  Take baby steps and try only one or two new tools during the semester. 
  • Make sure the focus stays on your lesson -Don't use web 2.0 tools just to use them.  Make sure they are a good fit and that students will be able to remain focused on the lesson at hand.  These tools should compliment the lesson not distract from it.
  • Play and practice- Be sure to test the selected 2.0 tool well ahead of time.  Check your computer to make sure things are in working order.  Prepare your students a head of time as well so they are technologically prepared. 
  • Don't be scared - It's good to try new things!  If you make a mistake or have a technical difficulty stay light hearted about it and so will your students.