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Health and Nutrition Course Guide-Marie Glossen: Databases and Journal Articles

Article Databases

Databases are the best way to find quality articles. Doing a search on the Internet will not always allow you to access scholarly information that you are expected to use for college-level research. Remember, each article must still be evaluated even if you find it in a research database! 

The databases listed here contain a mix of articles from newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals.  If you are searching these databases use your limiting options to find only scholarly or peer reviewed articles.

If at any time you need help searching a database, don't hesitate to contact a librarian! Chat with a librarian.


Find Subject Specific Scholarly Journals

The EJC (Electronic Journal Center) provides access to only scholarly information.  Click on the link below to access the database.  You will find yourself on the page for Health Sciences and Medicine.  Here you can click on the subject that fits best with your topic.  Now you will see a list of all the scholarly journals for that subject.  Click on a journal title and browse the articles.

Remember, if you are Off-Campus you will be asked to log in using your SSC log in information.