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Health Resources: Food Service Class

This guide will help you locate resources for the health and medical field, such as websites, articles and books.

Which is Which?

Using the MEDLINE databse is the best option for finding original research articles for this assignment.

Using the Health Source:Consumer Edition database is better option for finding review type articles.

For additional clarification of scholarly sources please review the In Class Exercise.

Search Terms

Food Service is a very broad term or category.  These are some areas within Food Service that you could narrow your search to.

Food Safety,  Consumer Product Safety,  Food Handling,  Personal Hygiene,  Contamination

Example search from class:

Food Safety


United States

Help Tips For OFF-Campus Access

As Stark State students you can access the library resources from any place you have an Internet connection.  If you are accessing these resources from OFF-Campus remember....

-Click on the database links in box for OFF-Campus Access.  This box is found in the far left column of the Health Subject Guide.

-Once you click on the database of your choosing you will be asked to select your institution from the drop down list (not the case for PubMed database).  Then you will be asked to log in with your Stark State student information.  This is the same username and password for ALL Stark State accounts.

-Don't Panic!  The database screen will look different from OFF-campus.  You will see a single search box.  To view the limiting options and 3 search boxes like you saw in class, click on Advanced Search below the search box.


Help Tips for Searching MEDLINE

The MEDLINE database has a few little quirks.  Remember.....

-At the top of the page un check the Suggest Subject Terms box.  You will have to do this every time you change your search terms.

-Set your limit options.  Under the light green bar that says, Limit Your Results, click in the box for Full Text.  You may also want to select Journal Article, from the drop down menu under Publication Type.  This option will help narrow your search to finding original research articles.

-Remember to keep your search terms short and simple.  If you don't like your results, try other combinations of keywords. 

-The results are displayed randomly.  To organize your results by date, click on Relevance Sort on the blue bar that shows up above the results.  Click on Date Descending to arrange results chronologically (the most recent article will be at the top).

-Once to find an article you like, click on the title.  To view the actual article, click on PDF Full Text on the left of the page.  Remember to utilize the tools on the right side of the page as well.  The Email tool to stay organized and the Cite tool to access the AMA formatted citation.