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English Resources: Choosing a topic

This guide will help you locate resources for english, reading and writing, such as websites, articles and books.

Resources For Finding Topics

When looking for a topic you may:

-Scan current magazines or newspapers.

-Research something you heard in the news or in another class.

-Browse library databases for a topic.  (see database links below)

Research Databases Access

Use these links to connect to the research databases. 

Keep in Mind...

   When you are asked to do a research project on a topic of your choice...                

  • Choose a topic which interests you!  Your progress will usually be faster and more fullfilling. 
  • Don't pick the same topic that your friends are doing.  Make this project your own!
  • Select a topic with a moderate amount of published information.  If your topic is too broad there may be an overwhelming amount of information.  If your topic is too narrow, there may not be enough information.  Remember, if you choose a very current topic you may not find a lot of published information.
  • Be flexible!  It is highly likely that during the course of your research project, you will have to modify your topic at least once.  Too little published information may require you to broaden your topic.  Too much information may require you to make your topic more specific.  Be sure to start early!
  • Talk with your instructor.  If you experience difficulty in finding or refining your topic, talk with your instructor before spending too much time on the project. 


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Developing Your Topic