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Textbook: Mental Health Lending Library

Mental Health Lending Library

The mental health lending library is provided by the Department of Counseling Support Services. For questions or additional information please contact us at: 

The Department of Counseling Support Services offers a free library of mental health related books and materials at the SSC Akron Campus, available to SSC students registered for classes. Items may be checked out for up to one week at a time. Students may checkout items more than once per semester as long as borrowed items are returned on time. Please allow 24 hour between checkout sessions. Please make copies of any workbook or journal activities. 

To view the print materials available check out the Akron Campus tab on this libguide and scroll to the bottom of the list, contact Caryn Griffin at or visit Akron location in 003. 

In addition to the print library we also offer a virtual library of resources. Once downloaded they are yours to keep!

Welcome to the Virtual Mental Health Lending Library

Cameron’s Collection includes 108 mental health-related titles for children, teens and adults that cover subjects such as

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • communication
  • relationship
  • happiness
  • meditation
  • suicide
  • drug and alcohol issues
  • and much more.

All books are free to download and can be checked out for as long as you need them:

password: learn

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us or request an appointment here: