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Online Activities: Digital Library

Things to do when you're stuck at home.

Ready to Scream?

Is Staying At Home About To Make You Scream? Learn a language, Explore a Museum, Host a Movie Party Right from your computer!

Home State Fare


Historic Zoar Village

Cleveland Police Museum

NASA Glenn Research Center

National Museum of the United States Air Force

Ohio Craft Museum

Cincinnati Art Museum

                                                                         silhouette of the State of Ohio

Travel the World

Travel the World

Taj Mahal

Eiffel Tower

Sidney Opera House

Wonders of the World                                              

Live Stream the Northern Lights


                              Sidney Opera House


Physical Activity

  Keep Moving with the YMCA

   Exercise with Planet Fitness

The Body Coach: Workouts for Kids




Keeping Children Engaged

Just for kids

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems

Live Puppet Performances & Puppet Making 

Children's Authors Read Aloud

Celebrity Story Time                                                 

LeVar Burton Reads

                                                                Kids playing on books


Explore a Castle, Palace, or Mansion

Explore Castles

Buckingham Palace

Windsor Castle

Blarney Castle

Palace of Versailles

Winchester Mystery Mansion                                  

Biltmore House

Dracula's Castle (Bran Castle)

                                       a castle


Exercise Your Mind

Connect with Friends

Meet up Online

 Google Hangouts






                                                  silhouette of People



Something Different

Read Comics

Colonial Williamsburg Tour

Ted Ed

Learn a New Skill  

Imagineering in a Box

 Kahn Academy       

MoMA 5 FREE Art Courses                                     

                                                                         cogwheel image of brain


Enjoy a Show

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